Learning, Building & Having Fun

The art of building things is a very rewarding experience. That feeling you get when your self made robot start moving is just unbeatable. Seeing your own design coming to life and your own algorithm taking action brings a lot of joy and excitement.

Making something as simple as blinking a light bulb is a very instructive process. It is a marriage of science, art and common sense. You learn how basic electronic elements work, how to put them together with mechanical elements and how to write some code to make the controlling software.

After some trials and errors and a lot of Aha! moments, the device would eventually blink. You add some sensors and some motors and you would build a more interesting system. It is an unlimited process. You keep building a gadget after a gadget. Some are useful, some are for pure fun. One thing is certain, once you catch the maker virus it is quiet difficult to heal.

So learn, build and have great moments!

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bough_ih | 9 years ago

Great job!i'm following your path ;)

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