Tools for hobby electronics

Here is a list of tools that we recommend for hobby electronics. You can find them in your local electronics store :


1. Digital Multimeter

This is an essential tool. You can get a basic one like the one in the photo. It should have a continuity test, diode, resistance and AC/DC current and voltage measurement. A microamp range would be a good plus.

Estimate Price: 15 TND

2. Soldering Iron

This is one tool that you need to select carefully. A 25W soldering iron with a ceramic heater is a good one to start with. 

Estimate Price: 7 TND

3. Soldering Iron Stand

A cheap stand is all you need to avoid burning things around.

Estimate Price: 4 TND

4. Solder Wire

60/40 leaded solder wire with a diameter of 0.8mm is a common one and is quiet easy to work with.

Estimate Price: 4 TND

5. Safety Glasses

Wear them whenever you are working with your soldering iron.

Estimate Price: 3 TND

6. Desoldering Pump

This pump is handy to salvage old components or to do rework.

Estimate Price: 3 TND

7. Solder Wick

This will save your project whenever your desoldering pump fails you, 

Estimate Price: 1 TND

8. Breadboard

A breadboard is very handy for early prototyping. This is where your idea comes into action.

Estimate Price: 6 TND

9. Wires

You need wires, a lot of wires. You can buy them in spools or you can get them from old cables laying around. We found that wires inside printer parallel cables are suitable for soldering projects, and phone cables are suitable for breadboarding.

Estimate Price: 0 TND

10. Alligator Clip Wires

A set of these wires will make it easier to make connections on the fly.

Estimate Price: 7 TND

11. Diagonal Cutter

To cut wires and components pins. A basic model will do the work.

Estimate Price: 5 TND

12. Wire Stripper

It makes stripping wires really easy. A one with a range of 20 to 30 AWG will fit most jobs.

Estimate Price: 7 TND

13. Flat Nose Pliers

You will always need a way to grab things around.

Estimate Price: 4 TND

14. Screw Drivers

A nice set of screw drivers is mandatory to take things apart.

Estimate Price: 5 TND

15. Power Supply

A variable power supply with a range of 1.2 to 30V and an output current of 1.5A will fit most projects. You can try to build one yourself based on the LM317 regulator.

Estimate Price: 7 TND

16. Old Boards

Try to get the most boards you can from family, neighbors and friends. They will save your life when you are looking for components in the last minute ...

Estimate Price: 0 TND


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