Topic : Sub name for the board ?

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okay so TUNISUINO the brand name of the Tunisian Arduino clones, but you should give it a subname ... it's based on the leonardo, so why not TUNISUINO Leonardo ?

On 10-11-2013 15:19

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Nice catch !

Well may be in future versions we will take that into account.

We are totally open to your idea, tips and suggestions to continually improve our product.

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Good, and you really should post more photos ... i still don't beleive that this is actually a Tunisian products, don't get me wrong, i really like what you are doing. but is it really manufactrued in Tunisia from A to Z ? 

On 10-11-2013 17:43

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I would rather say from B to Z. To make it from A to Z, we have first to create the universe! laugh

But seriously, the tunisuino is totally assembled in tunisia except for the pcbs which where outsourced from europe for this first run. We may though use a tunisian supplier for the next run.

 As with the photos, we will be publishing some tutorials on smd assembly, a step by step guide to placing components, reflow ovens and all the tips and tricks that we have learned along this amazing journey.

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Nice work for a B to Z... So, for the subname, I suggest something local, no "Leonardo" or "Patricia". For a first idea, I suggest city names (with some deep meaning, a little like animal names for Ubuntu version ;) )

And for the A on your history, there is a compagny "Corail Technologie" wich print PCB as I know (

Good luck for the futur!

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très bonne initiative que je viens de découvrir, toutes mes félicitations et encouragement, je regrete toute fois que votre site soit en arabe ou anglais et pas en français.