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A platform for everyone

The Tunisuino is a multipurpose controller board designed to allow anyone to start making exciting gadgets. From blinking a light bulb to controlling a smart robot, the sky is the limit. Using an easy to learn programming language, an intuitive developement environment and a very active community, creating technology has never been easier.


Power7-12V Power Supply / Computer USB
Flash Memory32KB
I/O Voltage5V
Digital I/O20
Analog Inputs12
Serial InterfacesUSB, UART, I2C, SPI

Design Files

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Compatible with the Arduino

The Tunisuino is compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, so every piece of code written for the Leonardo would run as it is on the Tunisuino.
Beside the extensive Arduino library available out there, you can write code, compile it, flash it to the Tunisuino and debug your program straight from the Arduino IDE:


Install the Tunisuino on your favorite system:


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